Monday, 25 July 2011


I can't pretent to know much about Wabi-sabi, the japanese aesthetic centred upon the acceptance of transience, but I think this snapshot I took while photographing something completely different has that kind of flavour.

Just as I turned to pick the flowers up to use them as props, the sun came out and cast a beautiful natural spotlight over the flowers. No sooner had I took the shot, the sun went back behind the clouds and the carnations slipped back into shadow.

A full definition of Wabi-sabi can be found here:

Sunday, 24 July 2011

First post - the latest Koi lamp...

This is the first post for the all new blog which is going to feature all the latest developments from KiKU craft & design. Don't know quite how to start so I'm gonna jump straight in...

Just taking a short break from my other, other job as head of the photographic retouching department for to post a couple of pics showing the latest koi lamp developments.

I've used a rosewood stain to darken the poplar wood right down to provide a better contrast between that and the shoji screens. Though it might be pretty cool to se what a multi-layered version of the koi would look like.  

Here's a few pics to see how it all turned out...