Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mega project for the Broadbotom Craft Expo

Are you one of those people who gets bored really easily and can't settle on one project at a time? Yeah, me too! 

I was thinking of doing something that had a little of each of the techniques I've been playing around with lately on a piece for the upcoming Broadbottom Craft Expo.

I've decided on a... well that would be telling! I'm going to post the progress as it happens and hopefully you'll stick around to see what the grand project turns out to be. That's assuming there is at least one person out there (excluding Alex, who is duty bound to read everything I post) who's even a smidge interested!

Who ever you are and whether you're just dropping by, feel free to leave a comment, at least I'll know I'm not 'talking' to myself.

Anyhoo, here's a pic of the first piece of the puzzle, a Tiffany style glass panel...

Monday, 1 August 2011

Things to do as an alternative to electrocution

Unfortunately the Cludgie (shed/workshop) has no permanent electricity, I have to run an extension lead from the kitchen. Of course, our weather being what it is, you can guarantee that when I do have the time to make stuff, it'll be raining.

Now I enjoy electrocution as much as the next person so I started to think about what I could do in the house that wouldn't cover everything in a fine layer of sawdust or kick up a tremendous racket.

The resulting experiments produced a less than satisfactory woodcut (which I may return to later) and a much more successful lino cut. Edging and scooping out swathes of lino is very theraputic, you can really lose yourself in the process. The only side-effect is that I think I may have become addicted to the smell!

I decided to stick with a theme I was familiar with, the Kio design from my lamps (the Koi mania shows no signs of abating any time soon).

Next design is going to be a seahorse or maybe an owl, though I can't decide which!