Monday, 1 August 2011

Things to do as an alternative to electrocution

Unfortunately the Cludgie (shed/workshop) has no permanent electricity, I have to run an extension lead from the kitchen. Of course, our weather being what it is, you can guarantee that when I do have the time to make stuff, it'll be raining.

Now I enjoy electrocution as much as the next person so I started to think about what I could do in the house that wouldn't cover everything in a fine layer of sawdust or kick up a tremendous racket.

The resulting experiments produced a less than satisfactory woodcut (which I may return to later) and a much more successful lino cut. Edging and scooping out swathes of lino is very theraputic, you can really lose yourself in the process. The only side-effect is that I think I may have become addicted to the smell!

I decided to stick with a theme I was familiar with, the Kio design from my lamps (the Koi mania shows no signs of abating any time soon).

Next design is going to be a seahorse or maybe an owl, though I can't decide which!



  1. I love it, you're very clever!

  2. SEAHORSE! I love them, although I have a feeling someone else may like an Owl…This Koi is amazing - you must be so patient to create something so detailed.