Saturday, 12 November 2011

Now for something completely different...

Seeing as we're hosting Christmas for the family this year, I though it only right that I bake a Christmas cake. Naturally, I included twice the brandy demanded by the recipe and it's now in the oven... for four hours!

On the craft front, there's a charity craft fair coming up in Glossop that Alex and me are attending. I'm planning to make at least three lamps for the event, possibly with new designs (there are only so many Koi a man can cut out!).

This time I will post pics of the progress, of the lamps and the cake if it turns out any good!

You can check out the Craft Fair details on the short video featured here:


  1. Yay to Christmas Cake! Maybe you should make some mini ones too so Alex can sell them at the S.U. Xmas Fair...I'd be first in line!

  2. Fear not Amy, we'll save you a slice!